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Antibody engineering

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Antibody engineering

As evidence-based medicine becomes the new paradigm in drug development, targeted therapy is becoming the approach of choice. Targeted therapy using antibodies has proven successful in many treatments because of its high specificity and good tolerability. Antibody therapies have several other advantages, including a long half-life. Nonetheless, antibody-based treatments still require significant research because of their limited efficacy and relatively high-cost.

R&D trends

Currently, more than 400 antibody-based drugs are under clinical investigation. Among them, only 5% of antibodies in phase III are non-canonical formats, different from the natural full-length IgG type. Non-canonical format antibodies are more common in early clinical stages and discovery projects. These trends are the consequence of efforts of pharmaceutical companies to bring more efficient and affordable antibody-based therapies by using innovative antibody engineering techniques for a better safety and efficacy profiles.

MOGAM conducts...

Research on developing innovative antibody-based therapies using modern protein engineering techniques. Some of these techniques include novel antibody scaffolds and formats.