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Antibody Engineering KiSu (K) Kim

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Our scientists endeavor to make innovative therapeutic antibodies. While antibody therapeutics have gained popularity with a novel mechanism of action, not all patient benefits from antibody based medication, mostly due to a modest efficacy. At the Mogam Institute, we focus on the development of topnotch antibody technologies, such as full length bi-specific antibodies, human-like CDR synthetic antibody libraries, and human domain antibodies. For instance, our MIDAS (Mogam Institute Designer Antibodies Series) library consists of next generation antibodies with which therapeutic antibodies are screened against cancer, hemophilia, and other rare diseases.

Team member

Kisu (K) Kim, 김기수
Team leader
KiSu (K) Kim, 김기수
Therapeutic Ab Development
Research scientist
Eunjung (Carry) Song, 송은정
EunJung (Carry) Song, 송은정
Antibody Engineering
Senior Research Associate
Jaechan (Chan) Park, 박재찬
JaeChan (Chan) Park, 박재찬
therapeutic antibody development
Senior Research Associate
Aerin (Alice) Yoon, 윤애린
AeRin (Alice) Yoon, 윤애린
Antibody Engineering
Senior Research Associate
SuA (Ann) Lee, 이수아
SuA (Ann) Lee, 이수아
Antibody Engineering

Recent pulications

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  • J Bacteriology, 2012 Effects of Trx2p and Sec23p expression on a stable production of hepatitis B surface antigen S domain in recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae…View Article [PubMed]
  • J Molecular Biology, 2012 Engineering Antibody Fitness and Function Using Membrane-Anchored Display of Correctly Folded Proteins…View Article [PubMed]
  • Protein Science, 2009 Mining mammalian genomes for folding competent proteins using Tat-dependent genetic selection in Escherichia coli…View Article [PubMed]