Mogam Biotechnology Research Institute - As a nonprofit R&D foundation, Mogam Biotechnology Research Institute is constantly striving to function as a research institute with drug development capabilities based on scientific investigation and understanding of life phenomena.


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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are proven leaders in business and non-profit communities. They are committed to the MI’s mission and bring a range of skills and perspective in cutting-edge research and innovation.

Il-Sup Huh, 허일섭
Chairman, Board
녹십자홀딩스 회장
Doo-Hong Park, 박두홍
Trustee, Board
국가항암신약개발사업단 본부장
DongJip Kim, 김동집
Trustee, Board
(전) 한국조혈모세포은행협회 회장
Ik-Lae Kim, 김익래
Auditor, Board
(전) 안진회계법인 회장
InSoon Han, 한인순
Trustee, Board
엠지 부사장
KwangSoon Shin, 신광순
Trustee, Board
(전) 충남대학교 수의대 교수
HoWang Lee, 이호왕
Trustee, Board
(전) 대한민국학술원 회장
YungBog Chae, 채영복
Trustee, Board
(전) 경기바이오센타 이사장
ChanHee Lee, 이찬희
Trustee, Board
충북대학교 자연과학대
EunChul Huh, 허은철
Trustee, Board
녹십자 사장
YungJue Bang, 방영주
Trustee, Board
서울대학교 의대