Mogam Biotechnology Research Institute - As a nonprofit R&D foundation, Mogam Biotechnology Research Institute is constantly striving to function as a research institute with drug development capabilities based on scientific investigation and understanding of life phenomena.


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Dare to Discover

MOGAM Institute (MI) strives to become the powerhouse for drug discovery. It has been a home to some of the most innovative and productive scientists in the industry since 1984. With advanced recombinant molecular biology and cell technology, completion of human genome, regenerative medicine, and emerging gene-editing tools, the ins-and-outs of drug discovery have changed dramatically. We expect to see a much more sophisticated drug regimen emerging in the next decade or two by exploiting the new knowledge in modern biology. For instance, cancer immunotherapy will combine the innate immune power of the body to fight off unwanted cell growth known as cancer. Vaccine strategy will also go beyond eliciting neutralizing antibody in the body. Thus, we are well poised to do better than ever for innovative drug discovery, and Mogam scientists know that there is more to conquer than hepatitis B, avian virus, colon cancer, hemophilia, or Hunter's syndrome.

MOGAM scientists will continue their main efforts in the fields of cancer, infectious diseases, and deficiency diseases. I am very aware of that these challenges are bigger than ever. MOGAM's discovery engines are tailored to be very calculating and self-critical. We are mostly engaged from early-stage scientific understanding for target identification to clinical studies of the potential drugs. These drugs include small-molecules, proteins, and therapeutic cells and vaccines. Potential leads are then engineered. In doing so, we actively make collaborative efforts among academia, industry, and health organizations through research programs. We take pride in extending our welcome to young and rising star scientists, domestic or foreign, through our Fellows Program. I earnestly challenge you to join us to 'Dare to Discover' new drugs for the world. Yes, for the world.

Eui-Cheol(Charles) Jo.
Director/ President