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Job Applicants : 한국인 신입지원자는 아래 사이트로 직접 이동하세요. HR링크

MOGAM Fellowship Program, overseas and domestic:
We invite fellowship application and research proposal from those who are interested in working at MOGAM. Fellowship program provides financial support to those selected as Mogam Fellows. Mogam fellows who are in college are expected to devote around 15 hours per week at minimum during the school, and full-time during the school break. Those in degree programs (masters and Ph.D) are expected to participate full-time in specific projects Mogam tailored as part of their degree projects in consultation with their thesis advisors.
We also welcome a new Research proposal from those post-graduate applicants. Fellowship program and Research Program from Mogam’s resident scientists are to support participating in project-specific tasks in research laboratories around the globe. Please write your ideas to: mogam@mogam.re.kr to inquire for further details.